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Healthy tips to improve your sex life 

Are you tired of your boring sex life? Do you want to improve things? Studies have proven that problems in sex can arise due to your lacking. I am not talking about the techniques but the inner health. Your erection and your sperm health largely depend on your body habits. Building healthy habits can transform your sex life and give you the satisfaction you need.

Moreover, sex can bind two people together. There is a higher divorce rate among couples who cannot please their partners. 

Learn how you can be better at sex through the following habits: 

Improve your physical activity  

Improving your physical activity can highly affect your body functions. Physical forms of movement like walking, running, or cardio can increase your circulation. It is known to improve the signs of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, exercise can make you energetic, and it will help you build stamina to last longer. 

Drink enough water 

Your semen is 90% water. Therefore, we need water to increase the quantity of your ejaculate. Apart from this, staying hydrated has multiple benefits. It increases stamina, improves skin, and refines sperm quality.

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Vitamin D and calcium

With age, people are unable to reach their sexual potential. They keep reminiscing about the good old days and how their body hurts now. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Take care of your bones and muscles through calcium and vitamin D. Take supplements, and you will feel a significant difference. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or cobalamine is necessary for proper nerve functioning. For example, you can feel sexual pleasure because of your nerves. They sense it and take these sensations to your brain. With vitamin B12, your nerves will function fully, and you will feel more pleasure than before. 

Natural foods which contain vitamin B12 are liver, kidneys, salmon, clams, beef, chicken, etc. 

Eat aphrodisiac foods 

Some foods can increase sexual pleasure. These foods can increase libido and improve mood. Therefore, people often eat them before sex. The foods include chocolate, honey, avocados, strawberries, and nuts. 

Meditate to combat stress 

Sex is a stress reliever. However, too much stress can affect your sexual relationship. Stress is directly related to promoting erectile dysfunction. If you stress about your sex performance, it is called performance anxiety. Both these conditions can lead to unsatisfactory sex for your partner. The requirements are treatable. 

You can go to a therapist, perform meditation and write a journal. These can take your mind off the stressful situation, and you can focus on your partner. 

For performance anxiety, you need professional help. A GUM clinic can help in this regard. The doctors will give you medicines and counsel you accordingly. 


Increasing age should not mean a decrease in libido. You must try to learn about your age and sexual health. A GUM clinic has expert doctors. They can guide you about your particular needs according to your age group. It is free of cost so you can get top guidance directly from the specialists.