What You Should Know Before Visiting a PCR Test Centre

If you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you can get a PCR test at a testing site near you. With a quick online search, you can find the nearest testing centre and book an appointment online. You can find the most convenient Croydon PCR test centre for you.

If you are unable to travel to a testing site, you do have the option to order a testing kit online to be delivered to your door.

It is important to note that if you test positive on a lateral flow antigen test, in England, you are no longer required to carry out a PCR test. You should only require a PCR test after a positive lateral flow if you are receiving new COVID-19 treatments or have been asked to do so as part of medical research trials.

How To Prepare for Your Test

It is important to be prepared before you attend your PCR test appointment. You should:

  • Bring a face mask
  • Bring hand sanitiser or antiseptic wipes
  • Feel free to bring a bottle of water – you may be asked to wait
– Avoid any physical or close contact with other individuals as much as possible– Do not show up to a testing centre without an appointment
– Use a face mask when travelling to and from a walk-in centre to decrease the risk of infection to others– If you do not feel fit enough to go to a test centre, do not walk or drive. Either order a test online or get someone from your household to guide you
– Go straight from your home to the testing site, and when the test is complete, return straight back home again to wait for results– Do not take public transport

What Will Happen When You Get to The Site

The process before and after the PCR test will depend on whether you are attending a drive-through site or a walk-in site.

Attending a drive-through site

  • You will remain in your vehicle
  • Follow the signs and directions provided by the personnel
  • They may ask some questions regarding the test
  • The swab sample will be taken by a trained collection officer
  • Drive straight home and wait for results

Attending a walk-in site

  • You will be met with a member of staff who will direct you
  • You will usually have to wait until the test is announced
  • Swab sample will be taken by a trained collection officer, or you will be asked to carry out the test yourself in a testing bay with instructional guidance
  • Depart from the walk-in site with a face covering on, maintaining a social distance and go straight home

When You Arrive Back Home

It is important to avoid any contact with anyone and even try to maintain a distance between the people in your household. Stay at home and wait for the PCR result to arrive via email or text. The result times can vary. If you paid for a PCR test, you could choose to have a fast-result test carried out. Ensure to follow the current government guidance on testing and isolation. This information changes often, therefore it is important to be kept up to date.