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8 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Works for Brands

Digital advertising is an extremely important tool when it comes to marketing a business. Here are just some of the reasons why it works for so many brands.

Drives Sales and ROI

Extensive research has shown that when brands use online advertising, they make an ROI of almost $3 for every $1 spent. What’s interesting is that it’s not just online sales that rise, off line sales also increased whilst a digital marketing campaign was in progress.

Enhances the Effectiveness of Non-Digital Media Channels

Another study of shown that it’s not just the ROI that benefits from digital marketing. It also makes other types of media spend work harder. This makes the all-round campaign much more successful.

Effective Across the Entire Customer Journey

It has been shown that digital advertising is the most effective form of marketing when it comes to “the path-to-purchase.” When asked, consumers at a car dealership said that digital marketing was one of the biggest points of engagement that a company can make to get them to buy a product. They also said that digital was the key to giving the company the perception of being premium and high quality. Coming second only to live experiences. With traditional media there appears to be a lot more constraints when it comes to influencing customers into the prospect of purchase throughout the entire journey.


Drives Word-of-Mouth at Scale

According to studies, 92% of people believe recommendations and opinions from family and friends over all forms of advertising. With digital marketing the likely hood of someone buying a product sky rockets.

Another study also found that hearing about a product through word of mouth makes people 57% more likely to make a purchase. Getting a recommendation has more of an impact on the customers purchase decision than both brand and price.

Digital Creative Drives Interaction and Lifts Brands

Digital creative ads add dimension to a campaign by interaction of sight, sound and motion. This has been shown to drive brand effectiveness.

More Efficient Than Traditional Media

Although it’s not true for every case, digital marketing can generally be seen to be among the most efficient means of reaching an audience.

Essential to Reaching an Audience

Even back in 2013, the amount of time people spent online surpassed the amount of time they watched TV, or any other form of media. Fast forward to now and this number has surely increased. A lot of different people spend a lot of time on the internet for various reasons, and the internet is the best and broadest way that you can target them.

Even More Effective Than We Know

It’s possible that the tools that we use today to measure ROI don’t show the full scope of how much of an influence digital marketing has, meaning that digital media could actually be undervalued.