temporary industrial building

Advantages of Temporary Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

If you are in need of warehouse space, whether you are starting a business or expanding one, temporary industrial buildings can be a great alternative to renting or buying. There are many advantages when it comes to this method and this article will tell you what they are, as well as the key features and why temporary industrial buildings are more cost-effective.

Temporary Industrial Building Cost

Temporary industrial buildings and warehouses cost significantly less than the cost associated with building or even renting an industrial building. This makes it very appealing for business owners who are looking to expand their workspace without breaking the bank.

Key Features

Temporary industrial buildings have a lot of features

  • Can be installed on-site in under a week (depending on the size of the structure)
  • Without requiring any groundworks
  • Can be used for both short and long term – without having to commit to a permanent structure
  • Large range of sizes – including custom sizing and layout
  • Choice of wall or roof cladding for basic weather protection
  • Heating and cooling systems can be installed
  • Electrical options include – electrical fit out, generators, heavy duty mobile heaters, LED lighting
  • Can be used to expand existing buildings by connecting them together


There are many advantages to using temporary industrial buildings to expand your industrial workspace.

More Efficient

Can have all of your buildings on-site, which can make operations more efficient by reducing travel time between buildings.

Increase Space in a Short Amount of Time

One of the main benefits of temporary industrial buildings is that they can increase the amount of workspace that you currently have.

Save Money

As mentioned above, installing temporary industrial buildings can save you money compared to renting, buying or building a permanent structure.

Available to Buy or to Rent

The great thing about temporary industrial buildings is that just like permanent buildings, they are available to buy or rent.

Extremely Durable

Temporary industrial buildings are made out of extremely durable materials, this gives business owners peace of mind when it comes to the stability and safety of their temporary building.

What to Do If You Want a Temporary Building

If you are interested in installing a temporary industrial building into your workspace, then there are many companies that provide them. Finding a reliable supplier who can make up the building for you is essential. VBS Structures provide a comprehensive range of temporary industrial buildings, perfect for anyone looking to branch out their business.