Formedix – Who Are They?

Global company, Formedix have been in the clinical trial industry since 2000. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting company.


Who Are Formedix?

Formedix are a clinical trials company, who’s main aim is to take the complications of clinical trials away. Their metadata repository and study automation platform makes it really easy and quick to manage your research and metadata as well as comply with the national standards put in place by governing bodies.


Where It All Began

In 2000, the CEO had finished his pharmacy degree and was working in clinical trials before deciding to create Formedix. His light bulb entrepreneurial moment was when he realised how time consuming and overly complicated it was to set up clinical trials. From a bedroom in Glasgow  the creation of metadata software has now grown into an award winning global company. The launch of the first ever clinical trial design tool based on CDISC standards has been extremely successful in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years.


Timeline Of Success

2000 – Formedix was born in Scotland’s beloved city of Glasgow.

2004 – Launched the first ever clinical trial design tool based on CDIS standards which allowed study time to be reduced by 7 weeks.

2015 – Worked on allowing the current software the ability to create SDTM datasets for research studies.

2017- The launch of their first ever fully integrated metadata repository (MDR) where you can now only see but manage your study in one place.

2019 – The launch of the first ever cloud based clinical metadata repository system, benefiting from every improving technology and software,


Why Are They Different?

Unlike other clinical trial labs or companies, Formedix has invented software that can reduce the time it takes to carry out a clinical trial by 7 weeks. A typical study would usually take 21 weeks on average, however a study with Formedix would take only 14 weeks. This means pharmaceuticals can launch their products much quicker, meaning a higher return on investment.

 Formedix allows you to import and export files directly, making the whole project less complicated and less time consuming. Formedix are also constantly improving their system to ensure its as easy as possible as well as complying with CDISC standards