Saxophones in Bands and Their Styles

Saxophones in bands have played an important role in the development of music. Their use has evolved from being just an accompaniment to soloists in choral pieces and concert music, to being a prominent feature of jazz and rock. Saxophones are usually the first instrument that is introduced into a piece of music as it provides the rhythm and the melody to the music. With the popularity of jazz and rock music growing, saxophones were soon included in most music groups.

How Are Saxophones Used?

Nowadays, jazz bands use saxophones in their songs and music groups also use them in their songs and music. Saxophones in bands have also found their way into pop music; artists like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley often have these instruments in their music.

Usually, the saxophone is the first instrument that is introduced in a composition. This is because the bass clarinet is considered to be the most important part of the clarinet ensemble in a band. Other saxophones in bands play the role of rhythm instruments or accompany the lead vocalist and this is common with the tenor saxophone.

In contrast to the image of the American jazz musicians portrayed in the movies, the saxophone was actually used by the Africans in songs and dances. The famous African American musician Louis Armstrong had a tenor saxophone in his band and he used it to add a special flavor to his music. Most of the African American musicians who were influenced by jazz also played the guitar, but the Africans found the sound of the saxophone more pleasing and appealing to their ears. The image of the blacksmith on top of the hill with the blacksmith box is mostly related to the use of the saxophone by African Americans in the early twentieth century.

Jazz Music

Jazz is one of the few music genres that evolved during the 20th century. It developed from the years when jazz developed out of the blues, which were created by the black Americans in the United States. There was a short halt in the growth of jazz after World War II because many of the jazzmen were arrested for drugs and were thrown out of the music industry. However, after the war, the style of music was rediscovered and is now thriving once again.

The tenor saxophone has been popular since the 1920s when it was made by Louis Armstrong and the tenor saxophone is the favourite instrument of the tenors and baritone saxophone players in the bands of today. It is also commonly used in contemporary music. The tenor saxophone is played by the same people who perform with jazz and blues such as Jamie Cullum and Joe Bennett. Other common instruments in thesebands include the baritone saxophone, which is played by the baritone player, the bass saxophone which is played by the bass players and the tympanis which are used by the saxophone players.

Other Music Types

The tympanic differs from the tympanis only in its size. It is a special drum which is much larger in comparison to the common tympanis. It has a circular outer case, which is covered with a light colored vinyl. It has a hollow center, which is where the horn meets the drum. The front face of the tympanic resembles that of the trumpet, which is why it is also called a trumpet drums. A klook is another unique type of saxophone, which is used extensively by many Jazz musicians especially in Egypt.